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Chicken with the 'Q' Quality Stamp

These chickens are grown slowly from selected stock and under controlled breeding conditions, guaranteeing meat of the highest quality.

  • Chicken with the 'Q' Quality Stamp
    • Q Mark
    • Q Mark

They are either reared outdoors (in which case the label states "pollastre criat a l'aire lliure") or indoors, and their diet must be at least 70% cereals. No growth hormones are used and the minimum slaughter age is 77 days. Their meat is firm, radiant and very tasty.

Category: Poultry and eggs.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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The meats, sold by poultry stores throughout Catalonia, are in category A, fresh or refrigerated, and can be bought gutted, ready to cook or cut into quarters or halves.

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