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Cep (bolete)

The ‘cep' or ‘sureny fosc' (Boletus aereus) is highly valued in Catalan gastronomy, despite being a relative newcomer.

  • Cep (bolete)
  • Cep (bolete)
  • Cep (bolete)
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It tends to be found in dry forests, such as those containing holm oaks, oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, and grows in the summer and autumn. Convex and stocky with a brown, velvety cap, in colour it is bronzed sepia. This bolete grows as it ages and can reach up to 30cm. It has a pleasant woody aroma with flesh that is white, smooth and tastes slightly of hazelnut. It can be eaten raw, grilled or in powder and, being velvety and subtle, is excellent in sauces and coupled with egg.

Category: Mushrooms.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
Complementary information:

This bolete can be found fresh at some markets and specialist shops. In addition, they can be bought sliced and dried, frozen, in powder and preserved.


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