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Catalan Ratafia

Ratafia is a traditional liqueur that is now commercially produced in various Catalan regions, although it used to be made only in the home. It is recognised as a Geographical Denomination (GD).

  • Catalan Ratafia
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    • GD Catalan Ratafia (Liqueur)
    • GD Catalan Ratafia (Liqueur)

This alcoholic beverage is made from tender walnuts and uses various aromatic plants. It is macerated for at least two months and the resulting liquid is then decanted and sugar, alcohol and water are added. This is then left to age in wooden containers for at least three months. The alcohol content is 26-29%.

Category: Liquors and spirits.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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It is sold in transparent glass bottles so that its typical caramel colour can be seen. In addition to current law the label must bear the name 'Ratafia Catalana. Denominaciˇ GeogrÓfica' and the logotype of the denomination. It can be found all over Catalonia.

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