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Bull de donja, bull gras

Also known as ‘bull gras' (fatty ‘bull'), ‘bull de donja' is a cooked sausage that is traditional both in the Alt Urgell and Andorra. Until recently it was only made in the home.

  • Bull de donja
  • Bull de donja
Author: Departament d'Agricultura, Alimentació i Acció Rural
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La donja es fa del collar que s’ha fet després d’haver tallat el cap i també de la ventresca. D’aquests es tallen unes tires de pam i mig de llarg, se´ls treu la cotna i se'ls afegeix sal i pebre. La pell amb la qual s'emboteix és la que els cansaladers anomenen rissades, i en trien les més amples. Es lliga pels dos caps i es far coure a la caldera durant uns vint minuts.

The donja is made from the collar produced when the pig's head is cut off and also taken from the belly. These pieces are cut into strips measuring around one and a half hand spans, the rind is removed, and they are seasoned with salt and pepper. The skin for the casing is known by pork butchers as rissades, with the widest pieces being used. Finally, the sausage is tied at each end and boiled in the pot for about twenty minutes.

Category: Sausages.
Characteristic of: Alt Urgell
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It is sold in some charcuteries in the Alt Urgell area.

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