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Bull blanc (white 'bull'), bisbe blanc, donegal, bufa, peltruc, botifarra blanca gruixuda

Technically this sausage is very similar to the ‘botifarra' (and its variations: egg, black, etc.), but ‘botifarra' is a thicker sausage and uses the pig's large intestine as the casing. ‘Bull blanc' is the most popular variety and is also known as ‘bisbe blanc', ‘bufa', ‘botifarra blanca gruixuda' and, in the Girona region, ‘peltruc' or ‘paltruc'.

  • Bull blanc (white 'bull')
  • Bull blanc (white 'bull')
  • Bull blanc (white 'bull')
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It is a pork sausage made from the bladder or large intestine and stuffed with minced and marinated pork. Although the recipe can vary considerably from one chef to the next, the aim is always to use up the various leftover parts of the pig and the offal.

En resulta un embotit de color beix i de textura granelluda, amb un gust suau molt similar al de la botifarra blanca. S'acostuma a menjar amb pa amb tomàquet, en entremesos o amanides.

Category: Sausages.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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It is sold in many charcuteries all over Catalonia.

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