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Buckwheat, blat negre, cairat, blat cairut

Buckwheat, also known in Catalan as ‘gra de fajol', ‘blat negre', ‘cairat' or ‘blat cairut' is the plant Fagopyrum esculentum, although in terms of farming and gastronomy it is treated as a cereal. The plant grows up to 30 to 80cm high with arrow-shaped leaves and hermaphrodite white or pink flowers on a short raceme. There are two varieties, known as Pota de Gall and Arracada.

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It is sold raw in bakeries and food stores in the regions where it is produced. As flour it is also distributed in shops specialising in dietary and vegetarian products. It can also be bought as porridge, preserved in water and salt. Containing proteins that have a high biological value, traditionally this plant was used as fodder for animals and, in times of famine, to make bread. However, from the 1980s onwards it began to acquire greater prestige, particularly for the quality of its flour. It is only grown in the Garrotxa and Pla de l'Estany where the volcanic land is rich in minerals and there is ample rainfall.

Category: Rice, cereals and legumes.
Characteristic of: Garrotxa, Pla de l'Estany, Ripollès
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