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Bosch Ratafia

A typical liqueur of rural Catalonia that is highly valued as an aperitif and for its digestive properties. In the past each farmhouse would make its own, which means there are myriad different recipes. Bosch distilleries has been producing it since 1892.  

  • Bosch Ratafia
Author: Ratafia Bosch

Every year, around Saint John's Day, Bosch distilleries macerates green walnuts in eau-de-vie along with the other fruits and herbs that bestow on this drink its unique aroma and flavour. Once aged it is filtered, prepared in syrups and left to rest in wooden casks. It is usually drunk very cold; if possible straight out of the fridge or, even better, the freezer. Ideal to accompany all manner of desserts, particularly ice-creams. It is also very versatile in cooking. Bosch has also been producing Ratafia Reserva since 1992.

Characteristic of: Sant Quirze de Besora
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In bottles of 70cl, 50cl, 20cl and miniatures of 35cl. It is sold in catering establishments in the area.



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