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Black truffle

The black truffle is a highly valued fungus for cooking because of its fragrance. Central Catalonia is the main production area in Catalonia as this is an underground fungus that thrives on the characteristics of this area: damp oak and holm oak forests that are cold in the winter.

  • Black truffle
  • Black truffle
  • Black truffle
  • Black truffle
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The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is a fungal body that grows underground and has a longer life cycle than other fungi found in Catalonia. It is round and variable in size, measuring around 5cm. Its surface is black with bumps and dents; inside it is a lighter black, beefy and compact, with thin lighter coloured veins running through it. This truffle is highly esteemed for its uniquely potent and very pleasant aroma, and is therefore frequently used to grate or slice very thinly.


Category: Mushrooms.
Characteristic of: Bages, Berguedà, Osona, Solsonès, Anoia
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It is distributed fresh in season (from approximately November to March) in some market stalls throughout Catalonia, particularly near the production areas. Also sold in small jars in delicatessens.

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