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Biscuits with the 'Q' Quality Stamp

Throughout Catalonia biscuits bearing the ‘Q' Quality Stamp are handmade and given various names, depending on the speciality in question.

  • Biscuits with the 'Q' Quality Stamp
    • Q Mark
    • Q Mark

All of these varieties of biscuits are baked in the oven and use certain common ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, butter and nuts, all of the utmost quality. No additives or lecithin yeast are utilised. The different kinds of biscuit include the Maria type, round and with added fats; neules (wafer rolls); melindros; almond or hazelnut biscuits (minimum 20% nut content); chocolate biscuits (dark, white or milk chocolate); ametllats (with egg white and minimum 40% almond) and crocants, made exclusively with almond and sugar (minimum 45% almond).

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Vilada, Mataró, Ripoll, Santa Coloma de Farners
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These biscuits are sold in packets (in individual specialities or assorted), bearing the quality stamp certificate. Found all over Catalonia.

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