Aromatic herbs from Alt Urgell

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Aromatic herbs from Alt Urgell

Aromatic and medicinal herbs in the Pyrenees were traditionally gathered by ‘trementinaires' - the name given to the women who carried out this task during the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century, and who still do it today as family businesses.

  • Aromatic herbs from Alt Urgell
  • Aromatic herbs from Alt Urgell
Author: Departament d'Agricultura, Alimentació i Acció Rural
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Prickly juniper, chamomile, rosemary and so forth are all herbs gathered in the spring, summer and early autumn. Once they have been classified and cleaned, they are left to dry in a dark, dry place and then, if applicable, are made into unguents and oils, particularly the medicinal plants.

Category: Sauces and seasonings.
Characteristic of: Alt Urgell
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They are sold in herbal stores around Catalonia.

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