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Andito, audito

‘Andito', also known as ‘audito', is a sausage from Bossòst in the Baix Aran. This traditional sausage was once made in homes during the winter in order to use up every last part of the pig. It has been sold in charcuteries in the town since the middle of the last century.

  • Andito
  • Andito
Author: Departament d'Agricultura, Alimentació i Acció Rural
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A kind of botifarra, it is made with pork meat, rind, kidneys, heart, lungs, garlic, bread, salt and pepper. Once the filling has been packed into the casing, the sausage is hung up to dry for a few days and then heated in a frying pan for eating.

Category: Sausages.
Characteristic of: Bossòst
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They are sold in a few charcuteries in Bossòst during the winter as in the hotter seasons they can go sour.

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