Alta Anoia 'cigronet' (little chickpea)

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Alta Anoia 'cigronet' (little chickpea)

This is a small variety of the chickpea that is native to the Alta Anoia region and prized for its quality.

  • Alta Anoia 'cigronet' (little chickpea)

It is a tiny chickpea with an extremely fine skin that increases its volume by up to three times during cooking. Its flavour is delicate and texture smooth, by no means floury. It is cultivated using manual techniques and sown by hand, either for spring (between October and November) or autumn (January to March). The plant grows mainly between March and July and flowers in June. In August it matures and dries, at which point the pods are collected by hand, one at a time. When they have all been harvested the crop is threshed by beating and the chickpeas are then separated from the pods by winnowing. Lastly they are gathered and selected by hand to complete the drying process.

Category: Rice, cereals and legumes.
Characteristic of: Anoia
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They are primarily sold in shops in the Alta Anoia region.

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