Agramunt 'xocolata a la pedra' ('stone' chocolate)

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Agramunt 'xocolata a la pedra' ('stone' chocolate)

The town of Agramunt has a long tradition in chocolate-making that dates back to the end of the 18th century and this speciality is one of its most renowned.

  • Agramunt 'xocolata a la pedra' ('stone' chocolate)
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Made exclusively with cocoa (originally ground on stone), cane sugar and a flavouring (vanilla or cinnamon), this chocolate is granulated and dark in colour. It is shaped into large tablets with large blocks and although it is primarily a chocolate made to be melted, it can also be eaten as it is. Agramunt chocolate is distinct for the traditional methods used in roasting and hot-grinding the cocoa. Along with the torrons (nougat) made in this town, this chocolate obtained the 'Q' quality stamp in 1984, and the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2000.

Category: Chocolate and sweets.
Characteristic of: Urgell
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It is sold wrapped in paper or in cardboard boxes bearing the corresponding quality certificates in tablets of differing sizes and weights, in patisseries around Catalonia, above all in the Lleida region.

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