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Aged goat cheese

Aged cheeses have lactic or mixed curds, both traditional and modern, and a more or less short aging time. With various shapes and rinds, the textures and flavours of the variety are countless. The consistency may be either soft or hard. The hard cheeses have more of a milky, nutty taste, slightly acid, and a bitter but balanced finish. The softer cheeses are aromatically more complex and have a long and balanced flavour. Differing textures can be found on the market.

  • Aged goat cheese
  • Aged goat cheese
  • Aged goat cheese
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Produced with enzymes, the whey is separated from the curd and this is put in a mould and pressed (although not in the case of most of the soft cheeses). It is salted by hand or in brine and aged for between 15 and 90 days. The ideal atmosphere for aging is fresh and slightly damp. This cheese must be stored in a fresh moist environment at between 4 and 10║C. It is best preserved wrapped in waxed paper or a cotton cloth and kept in a closed container.

Category: Cheeses and dairy products.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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Sold in cheese shops around Catalonia.

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