Llonganissa (dry-cured sausage)

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Llonganissa (dry-cured sausage)

‘Llonganissa', also called ‘llonganissa seca', is one of the most popular raw cured pork sausages in Catalonia.

  • Llonganissa (dry-cured sausage)
  • Llonganissa (dry-cured sausage)
  • Llonganissa (dry-cured sausage)
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It is made by removing the fat and nerves from the loins and cubing or mincing them. This meat is wrapped in a clean cloth, tied up and hung in order to drain off the liquid. Next, it is seasoned with salt and pepper. The llonganissa is put into a casing of pig intestine and pieces of skin of around 25 or 30 centimetres are made. The llonganissa casing is sewn up at one end and tied with a thread at the other (known as the empalomar), making a loop from which to hang it. When they are almost dry they are put into the cellar to finalise the curing process.

Category: Sausages.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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It is distribuited in charcuteries and pork butchers all over Catalonia.

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