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‘Greixons' were originally made to celebrate Carnival when meals were often made high in fat in order to prepare the body for the abstinence of Lent. The first written recipes for  ‘coca de llardons' (lardon pastry) date back to the 19th century. In the rest of Catalonia differing varieties can be found with various names: ‘llardons', ‘greixons', ‘cotnes', ‘camallots', and so on.

  • Greixons
  • Greixons
  • Greixons

The ingredients used are fat trimmings and salt. The meat is minced, mixed with the salt, fried and pressed. In Vic the making and consumption of this food is a deeply rooted tradition, either as tapas, a side dish, in salads, on coca (pastry), and so forth.

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Sold in charcuteries in the Osona area.

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