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Jams and preserves are a way of enjoying fruit all year round. In Catalonia there are numerous companies that make top quality jams and preserves using local fruits and vegetables and in keeping with natural processes.  

'Extra' jam is made by cooking fruits either whole, in pieces or crushed, and adding sugar so that a semi-jellied texture is obtained. The amount of fruit used must be no less than 50% of the weight of the end product. The sugar content must be at least 40%. Jams have various uses beyond the most traditional at breakfast or afternoon tea. They are very versatile in confectionary (as fillings, toppings and sauces) and are increasingly found in dishes as an ingredient in a sauce or an accompaniment to a meat or cheese.

Complementary information:

Jams are sold in jars with enamelled lids. The ingredient list must be shown on the label, including the total sugar content (in grams) and the amount of fruit (in grams) per 100g of the end product.

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